Learning to Can
(Daffodil, Lupine, and Marigold Classes )

Available to bid on at Inspire live auction only.

The preschool classes lovingly present to you a comprehensive canning experience for you to preserve summer’s bounties in a jar.
• Start by learning how to can or brush up on your skills with a PCC Cooks canning class. Restrictions: PCC gift cards can not be redeemed online for PCC Cooks class registration .
• Find inspiration from six jars of home-canned goods and by thumbing through two new canning books. Have you ever thought about preserving figs in honey syrup?
• Plan your recipes around $177 worth of New Root Organics fruits and vegetables. Expires: 3/1/2015
• Then get to your kitchen with Michele Collins (Marigold preschool parent) on Saturday, August 9 at 10:00 a.m. for a four hour consultation to start creating with your new 20-quart high dome stockpot and canning tools. Maybe even invite your friends over for a canning party!
• Delight in cleaning up with seven tea towels hand stamped by the preschool children. Your preserves will look beautiful in your pantry, stored in 60 new and vintage glass canning jars. Start creating your canning tradition now and enjoy the reward for years to come.

Thank you: Daffodil, Lupine, and Marigold Classes

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