Treasures From Our Walk
(Briar Rose Kindergarten)

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Briar Rose families past and present will understand the importance of the treasures the children find on their walks with Miss Melissa. From bottle openers, crystals, chestnuts, and skateboards, the children come home with their hearts and pockets full every day.

This project honors the treasures the children find, whether natural or man-made. Your home can be graced with photos of the children’s hands, holding one of their valued treasures.

“Treasures From Our Walk” is a 32 ½” x 29 ½” compilation of 18 full-color 5×7 photos, beautifully custom-framed with UV protected glass and lovingly hand-titled and illustrated by Miss Melissa, Briar Rose class teacher.

Early childhood is a special time in the Waldorf community and what better way to memorialize it than to have this project in your home.

Thank you: Briar Rose Kindergarten with very special thanks to Tatiana Avaeva for the photography.

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