Fibonacci Spiral Painting and Coat Rack
(Lavender Kindergarten)

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Imagine 20 kindergartners poised patiently, palms together, awaiting paintbrushes to be placed in their hands. The room is silent as Teacher walks between tables, filling watercolor jars, and giving the go ahead. The painting begins…

The Lavender class project combines the children’s watercolor paintings, reclaimed wood, and blown glass leaves to create an artful combination collage and coat rack based on the Fibonacci Spiral.

The spiral can be found in many natural objects in the world, such as the branching in trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, an uncurling fern, and the arrangement of a pine cone- all of which can be found by the children on their daily morning walk to a nearby park. Our project combines the craft of weaving nature, art, and mathematics together.

Thank you:  Lavender Kindergarten with very special thanks to Bryan Tawney and Jeff Wilhoit

spiral_3 spiral_2 spiral_1