Inspired by the way the alphabet is presented in a Waldorf school and linking to our rhythm of serving soup in the classroom for lunch every Friday, the parents of the Grade One students have created this cookbook, Alphabet Soup: Recipes for the Young Soul, featuring favorite child-approved recipes shared by families of Grade One. The book also depicts a part of the journey our children are taking in their first year of grade school and their foray into the world of writing and reading.

In Grade One, our children make a transition from play-based education to dabbling in the worlds of literacy and numeracy. They enter these worlds of abstract symbols through their vivid picture sense and their rich background of early childhood play, rhyme, and story. They meet Prince Plus, Maximilian Minus, Tumble Times, and Duchess Divide, all shepherded along by Elder Equals. They also are introduced to the phonemes of the English language, each letter presented through its singular or multiple sound qualities. Letters with singular sound qualities brought first, with the more complicated consonants and vowels coming later. Did you know there are two sounds for the letter “S” and three sounds for the letter “O”? First graders are learning 52 different letter forms (capital and lower cases for each letter) representing something like 48 different sounds. Each letter is introduced one at a time in a hand drawn picture form that comes out of a fairy tale or story that is told to the children. Our children met the letter G in the form of a beautiful curved goose drawn by the teacher to accompany the fairy tale “The Golden Goose.” Then they played with rhymes featuring the sounds of G and practiced drawing the form both in capital and lower cases.

Restrictions: The cookbooks will be printed after the closing of the online auction and will be available at the grade school the week of April 21. $40 softcover (See the office for a soft cover sample.)   $50 hardcover. Thank you: Grade 1

Hardcover books- $50 

Softcover books- $40

To buy a copy, email Muffie Signalness.