Native American Inspired Quilted Wall Hangings
(Grade 4)

Available to bid on at Inspire live auction only.
In commemoration of this year’s study of the Native American people, we proudly offer three Native American themed quilted wall hangings. Each quilt features the original artwork of 10 grade 4 students depicting animal totems representing animals of the Pacific Northwest. The individual students drew their totem animal and then used these drawings to create a fabric appliqué that was then fused to squares of the quilt by the students.

The wall hangings are constructed from the highest quality of 100% cotton broadcloth fabric and 100% cotton batting. Finished size is approximately 43″ by 54.” They will be sold individually.

The animals and their backgrounds are in contrasting white and black giving the images a classic and elegant appeal. The quilt squares were then lovingly sewn together and quilted by the grade 4 parents.

Thank you: Grade 4

Gr_4_quilt_1     Gr_4_quilt_2

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