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This sale end at midnight on Sunday, April 6.

Many thanks to all who helped create the beautiful class projects shown below.


  • Fibonacci Spiral Painting and Coat Rack (Lavender Kindergarten)
  • A Midsummer’s Night Dream (Grade 8)
  • The Crab Grab (Grade 2)
  • 118 Pieces of Art with a Pinch of Science (High school)
  • Don’t Panic, Make it Organic: Creative Cooking From the 6th Grade (Grade 6)
  • Learning to Can (Daffodil, Lupine, and Marigold Classes )
  • Treasures From Our Walk (Briar Rose Kindergarten)
  • Native American Inspired Quilted Wall Hangings (Grade 4)
  • Let’s Do Something Together Date Night Package (Rosemary Kindergarten)
  • Skunk Island Skiff (Grade 11)
  • Alphabet Soup: Recipes for the Young Soul (Grade 1)
  • Collective Tapestry (Grade 5)
  • Three-Course Culinary Experience Delivery Service for Six Months (Grade 7)









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